Square Peg ● Round Hole







In a week, Bryce heads back to his life as a college student. While I love having him home, it’s time for him to be free. My appliances need a break. And I need at least one of my kids to rejoin the world, since there is a gigantic question mark as to when Bailey will be going back to work. That’s a whole other issue that I will address later.

On Wednesday, Bryce plops himself on my bed with laptop in hand. That is usually an indication that we are going on an online adventure together whether I want to or not. He was on the IKEA site perusing additional furniture needed for his apartment and trying to figure out why it won’t let him put an apartment number in the delivery address section. Bless. His. Heart. While it comes with most everything, a desk, entertainment console, and table/chairs for eating purposes are non-existent. I hopped on the Amazon site to start compiling the other necessities like dishes, utensils, pots and pans, etc. You get the idea. I feel like we will need a moving truck at this point.

A million dollars later……kidding….it just felt that way, we have purchased the accessories to his new place. The furniture needed will be ordered later, but he did put the items that he picked on the Amazon “wish list” as we decided IKEA was pricier than Amazon. He deferred to my opinion a lot which was AWESOME. Even the hideous modern console he picked in black – apparently he is into contemporary furniture – morphed into the one in the cherry finish after he listened to my reasoning. His belief that everything needs to match has been enlightened. Black couch. Black console. Black soul. Kidding about the soul but this apartment was teetering on being super depressing. Good thing I am here to shake it up a bit. Still looking for pillows to liven up that boring sofa he will have.

He is excited about this new phase in his life and honestly, it is a delight to have something else to do besides focus on the state of our society. I still have to figure out how to turn off the notifications to my purchases because, not five minutes after the order was placed, Brian texted me asking why Bryce was getting a nicer pot/pan set than we have. Seriously. Poor Brian. Cue my super exaggerated eye-roll. Anyway, I have a new vacation spot to go to now. I just have to convince Bryce to let me in his apartment.