Square Peg ● Round Hole







At this point, I really shouldn’t be surprised at what people say. I mean, this year has literally been a free-for-all, so my mind is really like, “Oh, great, so this is happening now” and then I proceed to watch the shit show unfold.

Ever since the pandemic, I have most of my food delivered from various sources. Yesterday, I was expecting my frozen food delivery. Normally, I stand at the door and chat with the delivery person as he sits my items on the porch. It is the same man, so we have gotten comfortable chit-chatting. I had to step out on the porch as the individuals in my living room were carrying on a rather loud conversation. They weren’t fighting, their voices seem to carry when they talk. So, I stepped outside and moved away from him as I am trying for the social distancing aspect of our new normal. It is awkward at best but since we are all doing it, I don’t appear that weird. Wait, we aren’t all doing it. Obviously, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, well you get the idea, are not opting to do anything but make their cases of COVID-19 grow. I digress, as usual. We were concluding the visit, when he prayed over me because I was wearing my boot. Yes, the boot and I are still close. We can’t seem to get enough of each other. I thought we were done as he wished me a safe and happy 4th of July. Then he said, “Hopefully, you will be safe. My wife heard on social media that they are coming into neighborhoods like this and shooting them up”. WTAF???

I paused because I didn’t want to unleash my commentary on his narrative. There was so much wrong with what he said. Who is “they”? Well, I can only imagine his description of “they”. You just prayed over me, yet my guess is that you probably think protesters are the same as those who take away from the agenda at hand. Awesome. So, my response was, “Social media isn’t the best way to get accurate information. Lots of individuals have big talk behind a screen. I simply don’t trust idle gossip.” I said it with a smile because, well, he is a nice man and delivers my favorite foods. Plus, at this point, I simply want to end this conversation before I use the “F” word.

I brought in my food. As Bryce was helping me put the items in the freezer, I shared with him what transpired and he just shook his head. Obviously, we have shit ton of work to do. I was proud of my response to the delivery guy. I didn’t roll my eyes, give him the finger, or unleash my own thoughts. I kept my mouth shut and simply smiled. Big girl panties, friends.

This is just another example of how important it is that we change the narrative. While I am not concerned about being “shot up” as social media is apparently touting, I am concerned that my neighborhood will sound like Beirut with all the delightful fireworks. The same fireworks that have been disturbing the peace since the first part of June. Apparently, since no one has looked at a calendar since March, they are confused or simply assholes. The jury is out, but I do have delicious frozen food to enjoy while I wait for the next episode of “2020 – The year where The Jerry Springer Show appeared normal”.