Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I rid myself of the interpretive Civil War foot wrapping and replaced it with a chic, colorful cast. I have to be honest. I was a bit terrified as to what my foot would look like. I haven’t seen it for two whole weeks and he did A LOT of work to it. I was pleasantly surprised as my ugly appendage was taken off and my Frankenstein foot was revealed. My doctor was a little giddy when he saw how wonderful my foot was healing. His stitch work was beautiful, if you are into that type of art form. I only had 30ish staples/stitches which I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing. While I was so consumed with the appearance of my foot, I kind of forgot that art form would be removed. Fun fact……I should have taken a pain pill prior to going.

After the torture of enduring the tugging and pulling of the stitches and staples, along with having to do an X-ray while putting weight on my foot, I finally got to the fun part. The nurse asked me what color I wanted, and like a child on Christmas morning, may have squealed. You all are going to think I am weird, but I have never had a cast. The nurse laughed at me. I bet she has never encountered an adult who was that excited to sport a cast. I picked red to display my allegiance to the college Bryce goes to and because it matches my mask which is black with my initials monogrammed in red. You can still be gimpy and stylish.

I suppose my Pandemic bucket list is odd but now I can check off “get a cast during a pandemic”. Maybe some day I can get back to a “normal” bucket list, but for now, I will admire my colorful cast and dream about the day when I will no longer be a human Pogo stick.