Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have all encountered those people that brag about their spouse constantly on social media. They are always posting photos of them telling all of their “friends” all the amazing things that they do. We all know it is a facade. No one is that perfect. But, these platforms are the ideal place to live out a fake existence.

I don’t usually boast about my own spouse, but I am going to use this blog to give him some very deserving kudos. God knows, I am not a ray of sunshine while I am recovering. Sure, I am feeling more like myself, but I am limited. It can be frustrating to be a human Pogo stick. I try to abstain from complaining and be grateful that I am almost halfway through my recovery.

While I am adjusting to my new way of living, Brian has kept the house running. He cooks dinner before he goes to work, so all I have to do is warm it up. He acts as a chauffeur for my various appointments. He puts up with my bitching that bubbles due to my restrictions. But, most of all, he doesn’t complain. He simply shows up and that, my friends, is what a true partner does.

I can’t forget the help that I have received from Bailey. He is always checking on me when he is upstairs. He will ask, “Are you good? Do you need anything?” which is super sweet. My response is, “I will text or call you if I need anything”. Sometimes, he repeats his questions to me, so I repeat my answers. Then I realize that my little night owl wants to take a nap, so he really doesn’t want me to call or text. He’s adorable. (Cue my eye-roll.)

All I am saying is I am grateful for the support. I am lucky to have someone who puts up with my sunny disposition and annoying habits. He isn’t perfect. I am not perfect. We are just simply perfectly imperfect together.