Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am on the hunt for a little item called hope. Do you remember hope? That ignition of passion. The desire of something unfolding that blankets us with longing. I suppose 2020 hasn’t given us a lot of hope. It’s there, however, waiting to be uncovered.

I have always heard that happiness is an inside job. That people, places, and things are not the ingredients to fulfill me. It’s not their responsibility. So, years ago, I latched onto that notion. I created my own happiness despite what was going on around me. Today, I am doing that with hope.

Hope isn’t lost. Sure the outside world seems a bit hopeless. It’s hard to see the good with the layer of darkness covering the light. It’s there. Look closely. I see it in my kids. The resilience of their ability to adapt to the constant changes they have experienced this year. I see it in myself as I take a leap of faith with my book and travel into unfamiliar territory. I see it as I mute the naysayers and follow my intuition of what works for me. I experience it as I allow myself to relax into faith and trust that all is well despite how it might appear.

Hope isn’t dormant unless you allow it to be. I see it. I feel it. I am experiencing it. There is always hope as long as I am breathing. As long as I am willing to open my heart to it. Find your hope, friends. Dust it off and wear it like a badge of honor. Hope is alive and well. Trust that.