Square Peg ● Round Hole







Before you all spit out your coffee, this is not a pornographic post. This is the story of a man who insists that the size of a television matters. That he needs it to be bigger as much as he needs air to breathe. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but seriously, this was a thing.

The discussion started when Bryce was packing to go back to school. He has a small television, that would be designated for his bedroom, so the discussion was brought up to get him a new television for his living room. And then I thought, why would we buy him a new TV? We – meaning Brian because I hardly watch it – should have the new one while the old one travels with Bryce. And that is what we did. However, the discussion of what size my spouse wanted was annoying.

I don’t get it. We had around a 32-inch maybe a little bigger and now my insane partner wanted a 75-inch. Nope. Not going to happen. Then when I wasn’t compliant, he said a 65-inch. After some tireless research and a budget, because, for the love of God, Brian needs direction, he settled on a 55-inch It may or may not have been my observation that 65 inches seems a bit extreme, plus it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. I don’t want to see a gigantic screen every time I walk or, in a few days, hobble through the living room.

So, he went to Costco, but forgot the list so he asked me to send him a picture. Before doing so, I added “55 inch television no bigger than that”. See, he needs reminders and I am happy to do just that.

When he got home he was a little giddy as he unpacked his new toy. I was happy he was happy because once I have my surgery, he is going to definitely need some sort of escape from me as I am sure to be a delight.