Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I marked “have surgery during a pandemic” off my bucket list. Sure, my bucket list sucks but so does 2020. We arrived at 5:45 A.M. for a 7 A.M. surgery. It was smooth and I even escaped without having my tendon replaced. Now, I am residing in my bed with my soft splint that I will wear for two weeks. Then it will be replaced with an actual cast that hopefully will be super fashionable. Right now, my best friend is my walker and it is a good thing that I have excellent upper body strength. This non-weight bearing situation is difficult.

Of course, I have my scooter. It arrived on Thursday, but I haven’t gotten proficient with it yet. I am a little self-conscious because I had a back seat scooter driver AKA my spouse who kept offering “helpful” suggestions. He made me paranoid. I will use it but feel that taking drugs and operating a scooter isn’t a good choice.

It has literally taken me two hours to write this blog. I am a little foggy, somewhat distracted, and maybe a tad stoned. While Amazon shopping has always been a hobby of mine, I am finding that I am buying things and then not remembering I did it. Brian is threatening to take away my electronics until I am more responsible. Whatever.

Friends, I am just glad it’s over and that the recovery can start. Sure, 2020, could be compared to an endless movie reel that rivals the horror master Stephen King, but I got a new foot out of it, so I guess it isn’t all bad. Hopefully, my right foot won’t be too jealous.