Square Peg ● Round Hole







Friends, I have really neglected my blog this week. Not on purpose, mind you, but there have been a lot of balls to juggle and I am simply a terrible juggler. My mother has been a petulant child with her demands of me canceling caregivers. I am forever using the “mom” voice with her. My walking status resembles Bambi. After being non-weight bearing for six weeks, resuming a two-legged stance, even with my boot has been a challenge. Sprinkle the added book publishing process where I am helping design my book cover, revising some areas of my manuscript, along with the development of my website, well, that just proves that I am juggling some rather large balls. It has been a welcome distraction, however, with everything else playing out around me.

While I have a lot going on, I haven’t been oblivious to the unrest, the frustration, or the blame that has settled in our city of Louisville, and around the country. The other day, one of my daily readers reminded me of how easy it is to blame. That blame becomes a distraction to the real solution. What would happen if everyone stopped the blame game? If the finger pointing ceased and people started to get to work on a solution. The landscape would certainly shift. There might be even a bit of peace that blankets the scene.

I might not know much, but what I do know is that we can’t change the past. The only power we have is to change the future. Impactful discussions need to happen with participation from all sides. The changes will not happen overnight, but coming together with a common purpose can accelerate the movement.