Square Peg ● Round Hole







The countdown has begun. One more week until I get my cast off and take a spin in my walking boot. You know, the same boot that has been my appendage since the beginning of the 2020 – the year of the spawn of Satan. Anyway, I have been impressed with my creativity during my now 5 weeks of non-weight bearing. I do mat workouts. I manage to hop on one leg to short destinations. I am pretty self-sufficient, but I certainly miss the ability to walk on two legs.

I won’t miss my scooter. Look, I am simply not as proficient as I should be, by this point. Honestly, I think Brian moves the furniture so I run into it for his own amusement. Backing up requires a lot of effort, and I feel a sensor would be helpful. I am even nervous about taking it on the road this weekend when we go to WKU’s first home football game. Thankfully the crowd is going to be smaller, but those people attending might want to be careful and move out of my way.

I am not sure of my limitations even in the walking boot. And I am certainly not looking forward to the intensity of physical therapy, but I can see the finish line in the distance. 2020 has sucked monkey balls, but at least I got a new foot out of it. It’s all about perspective or the desperation to find something good about 2020. Whatever works, friends.