Square Peg ● Round Hole







Derby Day 2020!! First Saturday in September! Four months later than planned. COVID-19 is basically the virus that says, “How can I ruin everything in your lives”. She’s sweet that way.

It’s so bizarre. No parties. No spectators. No fanfare. In fact, I have no idea who is running or who the favorite is for today’s historic race. It is just another disappointment in the year that will forever remain a bad memory.

I’m tired, friends. As I sit here in my fancy cast, limited in my actions, I have had more time to think. This is always a frightening indication when I venture back into my bad neighborhood. Overthinking can lead to a disruption in my serenity. I have been dwelling on the thoughts about discord. We have experienced 100 days of protesting. We are 100 days into creating change, asking for justice, and demanding equality for all. I commend those protesters, who show up and peacefully march. But, their voices are getting drowned out by those who are the shadow to their light. They are the instigators and it clouds the narrative of those who are simply using their First Amendment rights.

I have such compassion and empathy for our men and women in blue. They endure so much while trying to insure the safety of the peaceful protesters along with city property. I acknowledge that there are more good cops than bad. I am saddened by the lack of leadership in our beautiful city. You see, some of the darkness is, wait for it, our elected officials. They certainly don’t help with changing the narrative. In fact, color me surprised, but they make it worse.

Because of propaganda on social media, people are twisting the truth and spreading fear. They are pointing their angry fingers to the protesters or they are turning their backs on the police. Everyone wants to be heard, but like any dysfunctional argument, no one can hear over the noise.

Do I have a solution? Well, how about some conversation. How about some effective leadership. Oh, and how about we stop trying to change people’s opinions by posting shit that leads to confrontation. Jesus, we have become a society that dismisses each other and hurls insults instead of encouraging one another. Fun fact, you can’t enlighten other people. So why surrender your own peace for a fight on social media? It’s mind-boggling.

The light always overcomes the darkness. It’s true. And while, we have been 2020’s punching bag, we can still make a difference by not participating in social media arguments. We can accept that other people might not think the way we do. We can acknowledge that all the chaos is simply a distraction from our inner peace. WAIT(Why Am I Talking?) before reacting and remember to THINK (Is it Thoughtful? Is it Honest? Is it Intelligent? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?). If what you are about to say doesn’t meet that criteria, then don’t utter words that you can’t take back. 2020 is a lesson in progress. What are you open to learning?