Square Peg ● Round Hole







I would like to think that the strong reactions, the social media attacks, and the inability to simply listen to each other is rooted in fear. Aren’t we all scared to a degree? I am. It’s not weak to admit it. This whole year has been like a low budget horror film. We can’t get away from it as it seems to be never-ending. I just want the truth.

In my quest to seek that honest assessment, I can get easily over-stimulated. And what it is the truth? What media outlet isn’t biased? I know I tend to lean a certain direction in my political stance. I try to be open to the information presented to me, but it’s difficult. It’s tainted on both sides. It’s hard to get the truth through the embellished stories floating throughout social media. It’s frustrating. Who do you trust?

I think the best advice I have heard is to think for yourself. Allow yourself to dig deeper for the truth. Stop listening to the surface media clips that cloud the real story….and that’s on both sides. There was a time where the media presented a story in a non-biased fashion. You never knew where they stood personally because that wasn’t their job. Their job was to simply share the information. That isn’t always the case today, so it is our task to do our own investigation. It’s okay to think for ourselves. In fact, I think 2020 has definitely taught us some powerful lessons. The notion of thinking for ourselves instead of being morphed into a puppet is one of those.

With all the chaos and drama, we need to come back to center. Live in the moment. Find something you love to do and do it. Connect with those who empower and support you. Be compassionate to those who don’t think like you. Take a break from the tornado swirling around us. Sometimes the silence presents us with the truth that was buried in the noise.