Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am going to be honest here. I mean, I really try to be transparent when I share in this blog, which hopefully makes me relatable. Today, it is beyond important that I open the vault. In the thirty-five years that I have been of age to vote, I have never watched an entire Presidential debate. Seriously. I don’t really have a decent answer except that it bored me to tears and made me want to go into a deep slumber. That is until last night.

First of all, let’s observe the fact that it is 2020 and we really should not have been surprised at the shit show that basically exploded all over that set. I think Chris Wallace should have been able to tell a certain individual to “shut the fuck up” without repercussions. I also think if that debate had been a drinking game, we would all have alcohol poisoning. Yet, I could not stop watching. With it being commercial free, there was no point to exhale or go to the bathroom. I was scared I would miss something.

As much as people were annoyed at the moderator for losing control, I blame his bosses. He should have been supplied a whistle, cowbell, and a bullhorn to help control the situation. I don’t think Chris Wallace will be asked to be a playground monitor anytime soon. Personally, I am surprised that they didn’t bring out a straight-jacket for him immediately after the debate had ended. They probably took him to be debriefed similar to what they do for soldiers after battle. The other two moderators, waiting in the wings for the next two debates, are probably restrategizing their approach. God be with them.

You know it’s bad when my youngest son sends you a text saying, “That was painful”. Yep, pretty much sums up 2020.