Square Peg ● Round Hole







I can bet that we have all walked through things that we never thought we would ever experience. 2020 has provided lots of opportunities to process a range of emotions and honestly, I didn’t think I would check things off a Pandemic bucket list, yet here we are.

I never thought I would become somewhat proficient with Zoom where I am constantly telling “Karen” to unmute herself over and over again. I didn’t think it was possible to get motion sick as people to continually move their cameras to gain the perfect position, only to eventually turn off their video.

Who would have thought that I would have gotten my mother to agree to not one but four new caregivers? Seriously. That has been an epic triumph during this time of unknowns.

Who would have thought having surgery during a Pandemic was a good idea? Well, I did only after I consulted with one of my medical friends who happens to be a surgeon. The hospitals are cleaners than ever and NO ONE was there. It was a breeze. I would give “have surgery during a Pandemic” five stars on Yelp. However, I am now in an ankle brace part-time that I hate because my foot is still bitchy, but I am making strides. I am still in a steady relationship with my boot. It’s complicated and very codependent.

Let’s not forget that I finished a book and will have it published during a world-wide medical crisis. That’s some crazy shit, but this whole universal pause was the catalyst. It propelled me and inspired me because this point in time was ideal. Sort of. I mean, I don’t get to do an in-person book launch or tour, but those are just perks. I get to revel in the knowledge that I didn’t abandon my book because it seemed overwhelming. This pause provided me with space to complete it.

We all have different versions of a “bucket list”. I know it sounds odd, but honestly, this whole world is pretty fucked up, so finding a bit of humor along with some goodness is the only why I will get through this without being committed to a psychiatric ward. We all have different coping skills and these are mine.