Square Peg ● Round Hole







I get it. We are so done with 2020. January 1, 2020 rolled around and we were going to make it our bitch. Instead, the switch flipped and who are the bitches now? Well, we are and as much as I would love for this year to end, I am not very optimistic that things are going to ease up in 2021. Sorry, for the reality check, but somebody has got to do it.

In the event that the election goes the way that most sane people hope, life will not magically recover. We will still have a virus with no vaccine. We will still be suffering from racially inequality. We will be in the clutches of the unknown. We might have a bit of room to exhale and seek treatment for PTSD.

However, if the election swings the other direction, I will not be buying a planner until 2026. Seriously. But, even with uncertainty and some of the circus sideshows we have been watching, I can’t let it deter me from the goodness that is going on in my own life. Because, friends, there is always something good to see if we shift our focus.

Here is the gratitude. You know those holiday letters you get from people you barely see and they are touting all of the amazing things their family has done over the course of the year? They have climbed Mt. Everest together along with building a village in the poorest corridor of Guatemala. Their children are always brilliant. Life is perfect and that letter usually goes in the trash. This year NO ONE will be sending those. If they do, they will be bragging about their selection of designer masks and how Joe. Jr., has mastered muting himself during his college ZOOM courses.

I don’t have a crystal ball but I do have heaps of realistic expectations about the upcoming new year. In fact, my expectations are deeply buried beneath the earth’s surface. That allows me to be pleasantly surprised if 2021 ends up being amazing. Here’s the good news, we all hate 2020. At least, that is a common thread with everyone. See, we can agree on something.