Square Peg ● Round Hole







Let me tell you a little story about my oldest son. I wrote about him a few days ago in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I shared how impactful he is, but I did not share that he can be a tremendous pain in the ass. Beneath all of the sweetness there is a sarcastic human waiting to emerge at any moment. The blame lands squarely on my spouse’s shoulders. After all, I am a delight. I am sunshine on a cloudy day.

During this moment in time where our lives have been turned upside-down and Bailey hasn’t gone back to work, we were looking for something to occupy his time. When he was younger, he took golf lessons. I don’t remember exactly why we stopped those, but he wanted to start playing once again. We purchased new clubs and Brian started taking him to play on the weekends. Do you know what this means? This means I get to be ALONE. I love my family. They are lovely, but momma needs a break from the testosterone.

Yesterday, before Brian left for work, he asked me to remind Bailey that he needs to go to bed at a decent time since they are playing rather early in the morning. Decent for Bailey is 3 a.m., which is really not conducive for a 9 a.m. tee time. I texted him a reminder, “Hey! You might want to go to bed around 11 since you are golfing early”. This was around 9, and I didn’t really expect a response immediately. Actually, I got lost in a book that I was reading, so I kind of forgot about it until I got up this morning. His text back to me said, “I know. Dad told me already”. His annoyance seeped through the phone. The time stamp was 12:16 a.m. which clearly indicates that he ignored our suggestions. Whatever.

It’s cool. No one listens to me in this household. Even the cats ignore my suggestions of not throwing up hairballs on my rugs. He might be tired, but he is Brian’s problem this morning. I am just going to enjoy the silence.