Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week has felt like a mixture of the movie Groundhog Day, where Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are in the supporting cast waiting for their entrance. It’s the season finale of 2020, and we are all holding our breath for the outcome. After the year we have had, how bad can this be? Wait for it. It’s a joke. I mean, did we expect anything less?

First of all, if I have to look at another map of our country, I might scream. Although, someone shared another version with a delightful twist where it showed which states it is legal to own a kangaroo. Now I want a kangaroo, but sadly, it’s illegal in Kentucky. I have tried to stay away from the all types of media. The talking heads aren’t saying anything different and some of the posts from people make me even more concerned about the state of our democracy. For instance, one guy posted that Trump was winning because the map was mostly red. Cute. Colors don’t matter. It is about the electoral college. Someone explained it to him, but I have no idea if there was an argument about colors and numbers. I feel like we are on Sesame Street teaching adults how all this works. Christ. On. A. Cracker.

Our patience level is non-existent. Did anyone expect anything less? No. We are all done. Done with this pandemic. Done with COVID-19. Done with living in a world where everyone is so angry. Done with some people not having the same rights as the rest of us. Just done.

Do you want some good news? Well, I walked into the kitchen the other day and remembered why I was there. I also gently removed my mother’s caregiver who is close to 100 (joking, more like 70) simply because she was not able to care for my mother in the fashion we need at this point. Now, I have this dream team in place that my mother loves. I am exhaling. Brian got tested for COVID-19 last weekend at my insistence. It was negative. Turns out it is just a man cold. Ladies, you know what that means…..cranky, whiny ass testosterone to the extreme. We are at the end of it, thank God. Oh, and my physical therapist is not trying to kill me. Apparently, he gives everyone exercises that aren’t fun and painless.

We are okay, friends. And if you aren’t now, you will be. Hang in there. We can get to the other side of this. I just hope no one gives me a map of the United States as a Christmas present.