Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s been a while since I have penned my blog. It’s been a week that seems like a year. Physical therapy is on my list of things not to do, but unfortunately, it is helping the healing process. I just feel like my physical therapist is enjoying thinking of ways to torture me. I know…..it’s his job, but he really needs to hone his skills on someone else. The good news is that my foot is healing nicely, however, I overdid it this week, so the foot is a tad bitchy. Fair warning, this blog is going to be a hodgepodge, so bear with me.

It’s been a whirlwind week of approving the interior design of my book and writing a dedication. I didn’t want the dedication to be all mushy as the acknowledgments at the end of the book are designated for that position. No, I wanted it to be quirky, maybe a tad sassy as I pay homage to those individuals who scrunched their noses at me when I told them I was a writer. Those people who would ask, “Do you work?”. When I would respond, “I’m a writer” it’s like they don’t know how to react. The usual response is “What do you write?” which is such a broad question. Sometimes, if I detect a slight judgmental tone, I might respond, “words”, but normally I explain how I was a freelance writer for various publications, and that I am writing a book. Responses vary as I might be met with a vague smile, while other times, they might ask about the plot. There are moments when it is easier to say that I don’t work. I am a lady of leisure that found her sugar daddy AKA Brian.

If 2020 has taught me anything it is patience. Something I lack. Waiting for my foot to heal. Waiting for my book to be published. Waiting for my Jeni’s Ice Cream to be delivered. Waiting for the human population to not be assholes. It’s truly an art to cultivate that virtue. I’m still a work in progress.