Square Peg ● Round Hole







In the last year, we have lost two dogs. The grief of losing two family members so close together was incredibly difficult and then we went four months without one. It was quiet. The cats were extremely happy with having less chaos. Then came Luna.

I shared the story in a previous blog on how we ended up with her. She had been through several owners and it was baffling as to why anyone would give her up. She is sweet, smart, and incredibly funny, but we are discovering her quirks the more we get to know her.

We have found that she has a severe case of separation anxiety even if we leave the room. If she can’t see us, she paces. She cries and in some instances, finds a piece of your personal property and chews on it. Awesome. If we actually leave the house, which isn’t often that all of us are gone, we crate her. The only time we did that, she poop and peed in her kennel along with ripping the bedding to shreds. Delightful. We have some work to do. Lots and lots of work to do. But, the good news, is that it is obvious she is feeling more comfortable with us as she is sharing the true version of herself.

She’s a hot mess, but a really cute one. What I know is that she was looking for the right family to accept her and help her be her most authentic self. I suppose that is all of our goals, right? Finding our tribe that accepts us quirks and all. Luna has found her tribe and we couldn’t be happier. Well, when she stops chewing on my stuff, then I will be at the height of my glee.