Square Peg ● Round Hole







I suppose that I am delusional. I write a book, revise it hundreds of times, approve the cover, and then I think all I need to do is market the shit out it, right? Wrong. So very wrong. I am learning to navigate new territories like MailChimp and trying to understand how the publishing industry operates. My brain feels like it might explode with all of the information, most of which I don’t understand.

Despite my lack of knowledge and trying to keep up with the “young people”, I am basking in receiving the print proof of my book. Woah. Holding it and inhaling the new book smell might be like what Moses experienced with that burning bush situation. I can’t speak for Moses, but I imagine it was a “holy shit” moment. Yep. It is happening.

It’s very overwhelming but in such a kickass way. Today, I actually managed to send an email to my subscribers with a snippet of my book. It took me two hours, but I persevered. I wanted to quit. I even told Brian that when I start making a lot of money, I am hiring an assistant to take on these tasks.

I even took my print proof over to my Mom yesterday. She has been a big part of why I love to read and guided me to the MFA program that helped me develop my craft. She beamed and told me how proud she is of me. My tribe of soul sisters have been blasting social media with their unconditional support. My sister ordered the very first pre-order. My spouse, who doesn’t post much on social media, took a picture of me with my book baby, expressing his pride, and urging people to place their orders. My gratitude tank is on full.

This is a whole new world. It is kind of intimidating, but if you buy my book, I can hire an assistant and they can navigate it for me. My brain has a no vacancy sign flashing.