Square Peg ● Round Hole







I know that this day will be strange for most of us. The absence of our usual Christmas gatherings. The oddity of creating new traditions. This year has forced us to be adaptable. To be open to change and to embrace our powerlessness. What a concept in itself.

Our youngest is a student athletic trainer for his college football team. They are headed for a bowl game and leave today. I had prepared myself for the reality that, for the first time in his twenty-one years on this planet, I would not see his face on Christmas. Cue my tears. On Wednesday, he called to ask if he could come home for Christmas Eve. It was cute that he asked and then he followed up with, “I know you won’t say no, but I thought I would ask anyway”. Precious.

So, he came home late yesterday afternoon and we celebrated with the four of us. We went to a drive-thru holiday light show and even brought our new canine family member, Luna to enjoy the festivities. Then we shared the meal that I had actually planned for today. It was perfect and soothed the ache of what I thought this particular holiday would look like.

This holiday is going to be whatever you make it, so make it good. Make it memorable. I can guarantee that Christmas 2020 will not blend together like the rest of them.

Merry Christmas, friends!