Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I am the primary caregiver for my 89-year-old mother. In the past year, she has been declining rapidly which required us to hire two caregivers for different shifts. After years of a rotating door, we were fortunate enough to find what I refer to as the “dream team”. These ladies make my life so much easier.

Recently, my mother has had difficulty unlocking the door to let the caregivers in due to her deteriorating eyesight, so she asked me about providing a key for them. As I did more research, I found that it would be easier for all involved to simply have a keyless entry. Yesterday, we had it installed and let me just say, the person who wrote the instructions might have been high. Seriously. Let me explain.

The installation itself was effortless. The setting up the entry code was not. The installer was baffled. My brain was on overload and my spouse, was even confused, which is an unusual occurrence. We were trying to use the last four digits of my cell which happens to be 0540. This was tried several times, Then we read the instructions where it stipulated you could not use a digit twice nor could you use the numbers already in the programming code which where 965489. So, there you have three grown-ass adults staring at a keyless entry like it is a Rubik’s cube.

Finally, the installer suggested using the master code which happens to already be programmed. Oh, that sounds like a great idea. Wish that would have occurred to us immediately. The funny thing was that the code repeated two of the numbers which the instructions specifically stated was a no-no. Cue my exaggerated eye-roll. The three of us stood there shaking our heads in utter amusement.

I’m not sure who was responsible for writing these instructions, but I think it is safe to say that they hate people or perhaps get their kicks from this elaborate prank. And now, as you are reading this, I bet you are trying to think of a four-digit code to fit the stipulations. You’re welcome.