Square Peg ● Round Hole







We are officially 2 days, 16 hours and 48 minutes away from the end of this year that can only be described as the worst reality show ever aired. None of the shit that occurred was on my vision board with the exception of having my book published.

Instead of resolutions, which are simply unrealistic expectations covered in glitter, I choose to create a vision board. Either I use poster board or I journal it, but these are simply things that I want to manifest. To me, it is non-pressure way of me working toward something or perhaps having certain things occur, like travel. It’s simply an invitation of what I would like to see in my life. The beautiful thing is it doesn’t set me up for failure like a resolution does. It is a celebration of what has come to fruition along with seeing if anything needs to be carried over to the new year. My book being published has appeared for the last two years on my handy board of manifestation.

For me, the vision board is simply a fun way to close out one year in order to welcome a new one. It’s creative. It’s the ideal way to open myself up to new experiences. However, if I had known how 2020 was going to act, I would have made a voodoo doll instead.