Square Peg ● Round Hole







The last couple of days have been weird. I can’t describe it, but I feel a little crazy. More so than usual. Maybe it’s because I am busy marketing my book with no clue what I am doing. Sure the publisher does a lot, but there are a lot of avenues that I need to navigate and my GPS seems to be screaming, “recalculating”. It’s a process and I feel like a fish out of water. Don’t get me started on the fact that I just saw my book on Amazon ready for pre-order. So. Fucking. Weird. Oh, and exciting, but still weird.

With all of the attention surrounding my book, I am still a middle-age woman taking care of my 89-year-old mother’s various whims. There are many. Sunday her television died. No pulse. DOA. Well, you get the gist. Keep in mind that MSNBC is her jam and no TV meant I needed to find her one stat. Oh, and convince her that the cable company didn’t need to be contacted. Seriously.

I went online to Best Buy because I thought, in my delusional mind, that I could have a speedy delivery. Nope. December 22nd was the earliest date and while they advertised hauling away your television, it can’t be bigger than 50-inches. My mother’s is larger than that. I hate Best Buy. So, then I went on Target’s website where I selected a delightful television, and scheduled for same day pickup. Winning! Oh, I was winning until I got an email two hours later telling me that they are super sorry but that television is no longer in stock. WTAF?

My spouse and youngest, who inherited the task of installing the television, headed to Target to do what many others do… shop in person. I don’t like people, so I applaud their efforts. They found the perfect television within minutes while I will never get back the two hours wasted online. The television was delivered and installed by my very capable family members and my mother was beyond thrilled. Crisis averted. Praise Jesus!

Getting back to my book that I am now going to plug shamelessly. Please buy it. It will be released January 21, 2021. I like the vibe that date puts out and am thrilled not to be launching in 2020. Bad mojo, indeed.