Square Peg ● Round Hole







I tried to make coffee this morning only to realize that I hadn’t put the pod in the Keurig. So, technically, I failed at the first attempt, but the good news is that I figured it out after I looked at the user manual to troubleshoot. Welcome to my Thursday! I am a little scared at what the day will offer me. Maybe I need to get out of my head a little bit. It’s a bad neighborhood and I am not quite sure why I continue to pay rent there.

My brain is a swirling cyclone that makes me feel like I have ADD. I don’t. At least I don’t think so, but I am a little squirrelly nonetheless. In true transparency, I might be a little anxious. The release of my book is exciting yet scary. I want people to like it. I want people to like me. That, my friends, is my little companion called ego. The reality is that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I must remind myself that I write for me, and if anyone finds it to be a delightful escape sprinkled with humor, that is just a bonus.

I might be obsessively watching my sale rankings via Amazon. I stumbled upon them yesterday and watched myself climb the ladder rather quickly. Of course, by the this morning, I am down a bit in numbers. I need to stop looking. Focus on the prize which is marketing, marketing, and more marketing. That’s my job right now and oh, let’s throw in finishing my second book on top of it. No pressure at all.

It’s cool, friends. This is just new territory for a writer who hides behind her laptop and has conversations with fictional people. Day drinking hasn’t happened…..yet. I will get through it. Maybe with some tacos and tequila.