Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s been a tough week, right? I’m pretty sure that anyone who made the commitment to eat less and give up alcohol as a part of dry January are knee-deep in ice cream and wine. That’s okay. You can begin again at any time. For me, I am experiencing my own power struggles at home that have nothing to do with the political atmosphere that is drowning our country. No, this particular situation involves our new dog and our resident cats.

When Luna came to live with us over five weeks ago, no one knew her thoughts on cats. She was very closed lip about it, so we simply did what we do best…..we threw caution to the wind. We put up a gate separating the main level from our lower level, giving our two cats their own space. They were not happy. Oreo, our fiery female feline, and Nubs, our very scared and cautious male, mainly stay downstairs as a method of survival. This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. We have had countless introductions with our feline and canine family members in the past, so this should be pretty straightforward, right? I guess when you incorporate a dog that is still has lot of puppy in her, the results are a bit more complicated.

In the last few weeks, Oreo has been bravely invading the upstairs. She hangs out in the kitchen and then when she feels particularly courageous, she slowly makes her way down the hall. Now, Luna has excellent instincts, so when she feels the impending encounter, she flies into action as she chases Oreo back down the stairs. Personally, I believe that Luna simply wants to play, but Oreo’s agenda is trying to regain control of the house. Power struggle, indeed.

Yesterday, tensions escalated as Oreo decided she wasn’t backing down. As Luna narrowed in on her, Oreo swatted her ass. Luna yelped, but still was curious as to what kind of game they were playing. Nubs doesn’t participate. He comes up when he knows Luna is sleeping. My guess is that he tells Oreo, “Good luck. Come back and let me know how things are going” and then takes a nap. No different in real life, am I right, ladies?

I have no idea how this will end, but I do know that Luna just wants to be friends. I don’t see them hanging out playing with her ball, but I imagine there will be a level of coexistence that will blanket our home. We just need to be patient.