Square Peg ● Round Hole







How you ever had a situation where you needed to have a serious discussion that could potentially hurt someone you love? I think we all have and I am currently residing in a bit of discomfort about it. Let me start from the beginning. A little over eight weeks ago we introduced a new member to our family. No, not a baby because that shipped sailed eons ago. We welcomed our Lab-mix, Luna to our crazy little tribe. She has been such a blessing. Oh, sure, she is a bit nuts, which earned her the name Luna the lunatic, but we adore her.

We currently have resident felines, Nubs and Oreo, who are less than pleased. I am pretty sure that they assumed we would not be getting another dog after our Basset, Daisy, passed away in July. We have a gate restricting Luna from going to our lower level in an effort to give our two cats some space. Luna is a tab overzealous. She desperately wants to play with them. More Oreo than Nubs because Oreo is much braver. She is the one who pushes the envelope by coming upstairs to participate in delightful stare downs where she growls and hisses. It’s awesome. Not.

Here is the delicate situation I am currently experiencing. You see, Oreo is now compensating her emotions with overeating. To say that she has put on a few would be an understatement. Picking her up actually exerts my back. Sure, we could blame COVID, but I think that the virus gets blamed for literally everything else. No, this is the addition of Luna. How do you tell someone that you love you are concerned about their weight? Yes, I have thought about changing their food, but how is that fair to Nubs who is taking the change in stride? I suppose I could put her on the treadmill, but that seems extreme and something she probably would not enjoy. I also don’t want to be shredded by her claws. Joking. I would never put a cat on a treadmill. That’s crazy talk.

I suppose I will simply have to look her in the eye and share my concerns. What’s the worst that can happen? She ignores me. That’s really nothing new. She is a cat, after all. They are prone to being moody and annoyed with their humans. I could let her figure it out for herself. When she can no longer run swiftly or jump up on a counter, maybe that will be her rock bottom. Perhaps, this is just her process of becoming comfortable with change. We all adapt differently, it is possible that she will stop overcompensating her eating once she accepts Luna. You know what’s crazy? I am. I am crazy for trying to analyze a cat’s state of mind. I think I will forgo my heart-to-heart with my cat and focus on the squirrel in the backyard that likes to taunt Luna. I think it might be an adrenaline junkie.