Square Peg ● Round Hole







So we made it out okay, right? I mean, I personally stayed up until midnight to escort 2020 out the door. They are the type of guest that lingers. They can’t get the hint even though you have put on your pajamas and turned out the lights. Once I was satisfied that 2020 had vanished, I welcomed 2021 quietly because I didn’t want to scare it. We can’t be overzealous. There is so much to learn about this new year, I think it is a disservice to leap blindly in its arms.

Think of 2020 as a toxic relationship. It managed to bring in a very contagious virus that isolated us from the people we love. It created an atmosphere of uncertainty that by the end we were all like, “so this is what we are doing now”. By the end, I was in the mode of expecting the unexpected as my expectations had gone underground. How does one detach from something so heinous?

We must treat 2021 as a new, healthier relationship. Set boundaries with it by not overindulging. Don’t put on unrealistic expectations on it. Remember that there is emotional residue from the previous year, so it is important to acknowledge that. Easy does it. Maybe don’t get too excited until about six months into it. That’s when we will know a little bit more about the kind of relationship this will be.