Square Peg ● Round Hole







This pandemic has created havoc on my mental state. I suppose I never expected this to continue as long as it has. With the new mandates of wearing masks and social distancing, we lost the ability to connect with one another. Human to human. It’s so odd to me that the one thing I crave is the one thing I can’t have in the capacity I am accustomed to . Sure, I have the connection with my spouse and Bailey, but that doesn’t fill the void left by my girlfriends.

I am blessed to have some amazing, accomplished kick-ass women in my life. These are the types of women who empower each other. One of my soul sisters suggested a girl’s dinner at her home. It was small. Just the four of us. It would have been five but one is dealing with a COVID-19 event in her home. We masked up. We social distanced. We made it work, so that we could connect personally. I needed this, friends. There is something very lonely about this situation we are in and while it has been the prime motivator for my writing, my imaginary friends don’t quite fill the shoes like my friends do.

These women have all been inoculated and I am so grateful. You see, I surround myself with incredibly smart women who are serving others in the medical community. Frontline sheroes putting their lives on the line every, single day. The emotion that seeped out when I heard that they had received the vaccine was overwhelming. Yep, my friends are better than yours. Kidding. Maybe. Anyway, I needed last night. I needed to be surrounded by these women, who have not only been a support system throughout the years, but are my biggest cheerleaders. We are walking through live together. We celebrate the good. We mourn the bad. But most of all, this universal pause aka the pandemic, has given me an opportunity to come back to the basics, enjoy each moment, slow down, and appreciate my tribe of beautiful soul sisters. Pockets of goodness can always be found in any difficult situation. You just need to be willing to look for them.