Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week has been all kinds of crazy. Between snowstorms that evaporated into literal nothingness, having my mother stay with us as a precaution to the non-existent winter weather, and then having yesterday twisted around to cater to her needs, it is no wonder that I am a little insane. Oh, and my writing has basically taken a backseat, and in the crutch of my distraction, I ate dog food. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. Now, keep in mind I wasn’t chowing down on it, I merely had some gravy on my hand from dumping a can of wet food in Luna’s bowl. Instead of wiping it off like a person who wouldn’t eat her canine’s dinner, I licked it off my hand. The moment it registered what I was doing, I couldn’t help but laugh and then share it with Brian, who laughed along with me. Let me state, that it wasn’t awful, but it definitely wouldn’t be on my list of favorite foods.

This is what happens when I am distracted. I do stupid shit. I leave the refrigerator open. I forget where I put my phone or my glasses. But, with all of that swirling around, I must focus on the wins. I have material for my blog, which has been a bonus since things have been a bit stagnant. My new phone was delivered yesterday, and I successfully transferred my data. Sure, it took me about an hour because I am not very techy, but I did it without calling my youngest son. Focusing on the good stuff gives me a lot of hope and reminds me that the challenges that I experience are simply learning opportunities. I feel like I have had plenty of those this week and would enjoy a reprieve.

The reality is my ultimate contentment does not depend on having life work out my way. Things happens. Like eating dog food because I am not paying attention to the present moment. It’s a reminder to stay focused on what is right is front of me. By the way, I am giving up dog food for lent.