Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week has been a colossal circus of snow, bitter cold, and a full schedule of doctor’s appointments. One of the appointments was with my eye doctor. It had been scheduled for Wednesday but due to an unfortunate issue, I had to reschedule. Fortunately, they had an opening the next day, which happen to be right after a significant snowfall. I am not a fan of driving in wintery weather. It is a bit out of my comfort zone, so I had informed my spouse that he might need to be my driver.

That morning, I looked out onto the vast white landscape and decided that I would embrace the discomfort. I told Brian that I would drive myself and he said, “Just put on her big girl Depends”. He’s adorable, right? Step back ladies, he is all mine. Anyway, I ventured out forty minutes earlier than my appointment thinking that my usual 10-15 minute commute might be hindered by the weather. Surprise! The roads were fine and I was glad that I opted to embrace the independence of driving myself. Cue the patting myself on the back.

The appointment was effortless and I was out in about an hour. What I didn’t count into the equation was how the dilation of my eyes would affect my ability to drive. When you sprinkle the glare of the snow into the mix, it made for a challenging adventure. I had sunglasses, the visor in the car in the down position, and my left hand up protecting my eyes from the glare. My right hand gripped the steering wheel and I prayed that I would get home safely. Those big girl Depends might have come in handy had I worn some. So, I drove super slow during the longest 10 minute drive of my life.

I made it home in one piece. My eyes maintained their dilation for eight hours and I wandered around the house appearing as if I were day drinking. Even though the stress of driving home was unnerving, I managed to drive in wintery weather with my eyes dilated. Crossing that off my imaginary bucket list of things I never want to do.