Square Peg ● Round Hole







A few blogs ago, I shared my adventure of purchasing a new phone, along with the challenge it presented when I transferred my data from the old phone to the new phone. The challenge wasn’t the phone, it was the user, but I figured it out all by myself and all is well in my world. Since I am pretty low maintenance, I did not opt for the latest and greatest model. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. My spouse on the other hand is a high maintenance diva. Kidding. Maybe.

Brian upgraded his phone as well. Copy cat. Anyway, his arrived on Saturday and surprisingly enough, he waited until yesterday to open the box. I thought he would be chomping at the bit. After all, it is one of the new models plus it’s a 5G. Cue the applause and exaggerated eye-roll. He began the process of transferring his data to his new phone only its was an ordeal. Mine took an hour because I am technically challenged. If that had not been my obstacle, it would have maybe been a 15 minute process. Brian’s situation was vastly different. He was jumping through various instructional hoops and then learned that this phone does not have a jack for headphones. Seriously. The phone he is replacing doesn’t have a jack either, which is one of the “reasons” he said he needed an upgrade. Sure, he could get wireless earbuds but he is super old school. We are talking big ass headphones as his listening tool of choice. I laughed and am currently still amused by the whole process.

There is a lesson in this particular scenario. Just because something is touted as the latest and greatest doesn’t mean it is. I hope Brian enjoys his 5G phone with no ear phone jack, that didn’t even transfer his podcasts, because I am certainly enjoying my simple 4G that transferred all my data and has a lovely place for my earphones to reside. Bigger isn’t always better.