Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I ventured downstairs to workout. I had churned out 2000 words for my new book, My Turn, and was ready to have my brain relax. My typical routine is to stop at our laundry room to put my spouse’s work clothes in the dryer and then proceed to care for our very needy feline family members. You see, Brian works second shift and he is kind of enough to throw his clothes in the washer so there isn’t piles of unwashed items simply taking up space on the floor. But, yesterday was different because his clothes were haphazardly discarded while the washer was displaying an F21 error. WTAF?

You see, I had asked my delightful spouse the day before to transfer our sheets into the dryer when he was getting ready for work. Sometimes, our lovely appliance doesn’t drain all the water, so you must do a drain and spin before putting the items into the dryer. I reminded him of that very fact prior to him taking on the task. My confusion was twisty because I knew there wasn’t anything in the washer, yet there was an error. I unplugged the washer and plugged it back in because I am a problem solver. I opened the door to find some water still residing in the machine but no clothes. I hit the drain and spin cycle while throwing up some prayers to the appliance gods because I really don’t want to deal with another issue. There were many questions that I would be asking my spouse. Once I finished my workout, I headed upstairs for the inquisition. I knew the answers would be riveting and I was giddy with anticipation. Not really, but it makes the story sound more exciting.

Brian is relaxing on the couch with his extremely large cup of caffeine. I ask him about the F21 and here is our conversation.

Me: So, there was an F21 on the washer but nothing in there. The last thing that I washed were the sheets. Was there any water when you removed the sheets yesterday?

Brian: The sheets didn’t seem overly wet until I had put the last item in and so, I just went on and put them in the dryer, but I did do the rinse and spin to get out the excess water.

Me: It’s drain and spin. Why would you rinse and spin if you are trying to remove water?

Brian: I asked Bailey if anything was in the washer, and he said that you had your clothes in there. I repeated it again when I came home because it had the same error message.

Me: So, you didn’t do a reset and check the washer to see if there was anything actually in there?

Brian: No, because Bailey said that you were doing your laundry.

(Cue my exaggerated eye-roll. Bailey is not a reliable source.)

Me: I feel like we are back when you were confused with the difference between a tornado watch and warning.

(Seriously, he was confused and was convinced that if we were under a tornado watch that was when we should be concerned. It took years to clear that one up.)

Me: So, I put it on drain and spin which cleared out the water. Now, your clothes are in the washer.

Brian: You’re the best!

My eyes hurt from all the rolling they do, I am also convinced that this will not be the last time we have this conversation.