Square Peg ● Round Hole







I was sharing with one of my friends this weekend, that I have lost the ability to write this blog. Somewhere, in the midst of this pandemic, it has grown harder to dig up material. In other words, my life is incredibly boring. I am limited to my current quarantine mates and my book characters. I am not experiencing anything on the outside realm worth sharing. My humor has shriveled up into a ball and crawled into a hole. Don’t even get me started about the people I live with because they aren’t doing their job of providing me with tales to tell. It’s frustrating.

I think I might put too much pressure on myself to always be “on”. To be funny, witty, and inspirational to the point that people gasp at my relevancy. It’s a high standard to hold myself to and why would I even want that much pressure? It’s hard enough plowing through my new manuscript and trying to make the dialogue interesting and somewhat humorous. Maybe it is because the deadline is looming for my new book and I am putting all my energy in finishing it. Is there a special shrink for blogging that I should consult?

Life, right now, is a tad mundane. The most exciting thing I have going on is my dental appointment this morning. I know how jealous and envious you all are. It’s pretty glamorous and I can barely contain myself. The week does improve because I am having my first book signing. Publishing a book is so odd during a pandemic because what you typically would do is no longer viable. Creativity is key. My first book signing will be a local gift store (Cartwheels in Louisville, KY) where we will be practicing socially distancing while wearing masks and I will sign copies of Her Turn. If you are in the area, come see me. It is this Thursday from 5-7. Maybe that will provide me with some excellent writing material. I am always looking. Always observing and trying to find the humor in this messy thing we call life.