Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s been two weeks since my book, Her Turn, has been released. (If you haven’t read this delightful, bookish romantic comedy, I highly encourage you to do so. Shameless plug.) In the meantime, I have been diligently working on my second book to get to my editor by the 15th of this month. No pressure. And while I have set realistic goals for myself on completing the task, I know to not push for perfection because perfection doesn’t lie in the first draft of any book.

When I take breaks from my writing, I love to scroll through Pinterest. I pin recipes that I will never make. Crafts that will not see the light of day and home interiors that will always belong to someone else. The thing that I am noticing is the weird shit that is popping up as items I might be interested in, for example, Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock. Now I am sure that he is a delightful human, but I have never done anything on the internet to indicate even the slightest curiosity about him. So why is my Pinterest feed filled with his pictures? Oh, and I am also being inundated by pregnancy information. Um, fun fact, this lucky lady won’t be with child as I had a hysterectomy over 15 years ago. What is happening?

My theory is that since the world is so fucked up, it is messing with everything else. Nothing makes a whole lot of sense. And, I suppose, it isn’t my job to solve the puzzle. It’s a good reminder about life in general. Live in the question, is something I have always heard. Always be curious which leads to being open to learning something new. Maybe those items that pop up are encouraging me with a lesson or perhaps, Pinterest is having a stroke. Whatever the cause, I will continue to peruse those recipes that I will never make and pin vacation spots that I hope to visit one day.