Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am positive that no one is immune to the perils of social media unless you are not even participating. If that is the case, good for you. You have escaped the random creepy guy messages that pop up offering some pretty attractive deals. Now, my experience has been that these weirdos always put a delightful photo of “themselves” to attract unsuspecting woman. It’s eye candy and honestly, I am sure that some women fall for it. They might like your photos on Instagram and then proceed to attempt in sending a message that usually says, “Hi” or “Hey beautiful”. These individuals have a way with words, obviously. My remedy is to block and report.

Yesterday, an individual tried to contact me, but used a different approach. Instead of the ridiculously hot guy in a picture, he caught my eye using a balding, average looking, man on the heavy side. Now, before you judge me, understand I was just confused at this individual’s marketing scheme. He also used more words in the message I received, as he went right for the kill. Here is what he wrote: Hey. I will pay you $1500 a week. No nudity required. Just want some companionship”. I am not sure what planet he is from, but from my understanding that would be considered prostitution. So, I blocked the message and reported. Just another day in the life of social media.

I do have to wonder if there are women who fall prey to those types of messages. Are they the ones who own the lone shoe you happen to see littering the expressway? I’m just curious.