Square Peg ● Round Hole







This has been a very long pandemic. Our lives are forever changed due to this virus that has been holding us hostage. Nothing is normal. Everything is socially awkward and frankly, I could go the rest of my life without hearing the words “pandemic”, “Covid-19”, “masks” and “socially distancing”. Nothing and I mean nothing, has been more heart-wrenching than experiencing my oldest son, Bailey’s life come to a standstill. No work. Limited socialization. It has been hard for him not to be with his coworkers who are more like family. He hasn’t seen them in a year.

I worry he has regressed with his job skills. I am fearful he won’t get his job back. People with Down syndrome thrive in a social settings and as a Mom, I feel like all our hard work is slowly melting away and that we will have to recreate the momentum. Of course, Bailey takes it in stride. He has always been adaptable. It is part of his charm. But, as a Mom I am like a hamster on a wheel and I can’t help but feel defeated. Feelings aren’t facts. I know everything will work out in God’s timing. However, sometimes, I am concerned that his timing is extremely slow.

The good news is that I snagged an appointment for Bailey to get his first dose of the vaccine this Saturday. The state of Kentucky considers individuals with Down syndrome high-risk and I am grateful that he can take the first step in getting his life back. I got teary-eyed as I made the appointment. This is the first step in reclaiming some sort of normalcy, and, fingers crossed, his job as well. It’s like I have been holding my breath and maybe now, I might be able to exhale.