Square Peg ● Round Hole







You know the moments where you look at your kids and wonder how they are fully operational? I have those a lot. Since the Pandemic has wiped out Bailey’s entire world, he has been hibernating in his domain, which is our basement. He’s got a nice setup that gives him a little bit of independence. If you have had the pleasure of meeting Bailey, you know that he is charming and friendly. He is charismatic. A magnet with his sweet smile. You all don’t see the pain in the ass he can be. The illusion that all Down syndrome individuals are angels is a myth. Don’t believe it. They are just like everyone else.

I digress, as usual. It’s like I am a computer with fifty tabs open. Anyway, he was in the kitchen waiting for his cousin to pick him up and shared that he had mud on his shoes. Upon further inspection, I reached the conclusion that he stepped in dog shit the last time he wore them which was about three days prior. He knew he stepped in it, but never said a word. I instructed him to take his shoe off and I spent a good five to ten minutes digging crap out of the ridges of his shoe. Fun. Not.

Later, I get a text from my nephew that says that Bailey informed him that his brother will be the best man at his wedding but he can still be a groomsman. The best was his last sentence, “I didn’t even know he was getting married.”. Me neither. Bailey has been chatting with a girl for a couple of months. She has Down syndrome as well, and they are on the phone constantly. She is the ex-girlfriend of one of his friends. Don’t ask. I swear there is a soap opera waiting to be written from all the drama. I had no idea that we were at the stage of marriage, but I am only the mother. I didn’t even know that he had shit on his shoes. I am never in the know and seemingly out of the loop.