Square Peg ● Round Hole







I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t pay attention. I ignored the signs that this would be an epic explosion and, it was, indeed. Wednesday night, I struggled with sleep. It happens. My brain is a squirrel cage where it becomes fight night at the moment I need rest the most. I can’t blame my brain, after all, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster with my mother, meeting a deadline with my second book, and still promoting my new book, Her Turn. (Shameless plug that I am unapologetic in making.) You know the point in the sleep cycle, where your body starts to float and you are right at the cusp of a delightful slumber? Me too. I was there several times, but Luna was restless and it would jolt me back to the cage match happening in my brain. I thought she heard Brian coming home from work. I thought she would settle down, but I ignored the signs.

Brian came to bed and Luna seemed better, but as I was on the edge of the sleep cliff, yet again, she jumped off the bed. Mind you this is 3 A.M. and she notoriously sleeps through the night, so I was baffled at what was happening until it was too late. My bedroom became a virtual shit show. I kid you not. Explosive diarrhea all over my shag area rug. Yep. Shag. Let that sink in for a moment. I hurry her out of the room and hustled her outside to finish her messy business. Many, many expletives came out of my mouth. Our bedroom was lit up like a Christmas tree and I was armed with cleaning products. Brian was trying to sleep and honestly, he wouldn’t have been helpful. He is not good with vomit or diarrhea, so instead he laid there like a corpse, probably trying not to gag from the aroma. It was potent.

Fortunately, I was able to clean it up. It was a battle. I was now officially awake. Luna and I settled on the couch. I resumed reading the book I was enjoying prior to my brain’s cage match and Luna’s issues, as the clock ticked away. Eventually we went to Bryce’s room where I feel asleep two hours before my alarm would force me to seize the day. I had a an 8 A.M. doctor’s appointment that required my presence.

The day unfolded just like any other day where you haven’t had any sleep. My family labeled me cranky and I was counting down the moments that I could go to bed. Luna ended up being fine. Just a little tummy issue that has been resolved by medication. The lesson, for me, is to pay attention to the signs. Those little nudges. The winks from the universe. By doing so, it saves me a lot heartache and cleaning up shit at 3 A.M while cussing. I am still teachable, but have a whole lot to learn.