Square Peg ● Round Hole







It hard to believe that we have been in this pandemic, or what I lovingly refer to as the universal hostage situation. It’s crazy to think how quickly our lives changed and how adapting to a new norm has been imperative. And now, here we are, with the vaccine giving millions of people their lives back.

I shared that when my soul sisters, who all rock their medical professions like the badass women that they are, received their vaccines, I cried. Seriously. I had worried about them. All the hours that they had spent putting their own lives on the line for the well-being of others, I was concerned for their safety. Now, they are all vaccinated, and I can take a breath.

Saturday, Bailey got his first dose and if you think I cried for my tribe members, I sobbed when he received his. His life screeched to a halt. He hasn’t worked in over a year. His social life is very limited along with Special Olympics being put on pause. But, he adapted and now, this vaccine will allow him to engage in life. What a gift that is for him and well, for our whole family.

Yesterday, I got my first dose of hope and Brian will receive his today. This is such a pivotal moment. Who would have ever imagined that a syringe full of liquid would offer so many possibilities? All I can say is that after my second dose kicks in, I will be accosting my inoculated soul sisters with overly awkward hugs. I hope they are ready.