Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am in the mode of avoidance. My manuscript to my second book is waiting to be revised as I just received it back from my editor. It’s taunting me. I know that I need to address it, but, for now, I will simply write my blog and hope for divine inspiration. For those of you who have read my first book, Her Turn, you will be happy to know that Nina is getting her story. For now, I want to write about relationships and surrounding yourself with quality people.

I spent a lot of years navigating relationships that were not good for me. I had blinders on and was living in a world of denial that these connections were beneficial. It took me years to clean out the clutter and find the treasures. My method of relationship cleansing was similar to the Marie Kondo and her magical art of decluttering. My whole philosophy was if the individual doesn’t make me feel good, then it needs to go. It was freeing and incredibly, eye-opening. I don’t look at the time with those individuals as wasted. I am grateful for the lessons. Those humans gave me the ability to find my worth and incredible insight on what I crave in my connections with others. No hidden agendas. Just authentic friendships that empower me. It’s truly quality over quantity.

I found my people. They are this tribe of beautiful women, who are not only badasses in their professions, but staunch supporters of one another. We empower each other. We lean on each other. We love each other. We accept each other, flaws and all. They are my soul sisters. Life is too short to maintain relationships that are one-sided or don’t uplift you. Find your treasures. They are the magical beings that will change your life.