Square Peg ● Round Hole







I love when I have an epiphany. The type of awareness that connects the pieces of the puzzle that have been missing. My epiphanies usually happen while I am exercising. It is as if the universe decides that my mind is more at peace leaving room for those “ah-ha” moments.

In the last few months, the topic of relationships has come up a lot. I have watched people I love walk through difficult realizations when becoming aware that certain relationships are more work than they are worth. Some relationships are for the long haul while others pop in for a season or a reason. My journey has given me lots of opportunities to learn from these human interactions. I never look at evaporating relationships as failures, but more like life lessons. Each serve a purpose and I am grateful for them all.

Relationships change. Paths shift. It is simply the natural progression. The glare of the truth is spotlighted when I realize I have been biding my time on the outskirts. Living in the shadows.

Relationships can be complicated. Find those people who know your worth. These are people that don’t talk behind your back to further their agenda. These are the individuals who empower you and vice-versa. They take the time to cultivate the relationship. They walk beside you without judgement. They want the best for you. I am perfectly imperfect. friends. There is a reserved seat in the front row for me in the classroom of life. Life lessons are endless, but despite the grief that comes with a change in a dynamic, I know my worth and that’s empowering.