Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have been mostly testosterone free aside from Bryce popping in for an Easter visit. And before my spouse chimes in that our male cat is always present, I don’t count him as he has been fixed and he doesn’t pee on the floor. The week has been interesting. Nothing like I had planned. I was counting on completing the revisions on my second book. That didn’t happen. It’s not like I didn’t do anything, but the second dose of the vaccine took the wind out of my sail for about thirty-six hours which hampered my progress. But, I did get some stuff done.

Besides taking my Goodwill donation in a timely manner, (Cue the applause), I cleaned out Bailey’s drawers. Shh. Don’t tell him. He might be a hoarder, so this is necessary for me to do in order to not to lose my shit every time I go downstairs to his living space. I also cleaned his bathroom to my specifications and dusted. He does clean, but sometimes it needs a little extra cleansing.

For the last few weeks, my lower back has been bitching at me. I thought it was just the part of my life where I have aches and pains that can’t be explained. Then I realized that it may be the mattress. Yesterday, I rotated it and this morning I woke up with minimal back pain. See, I am a problem solver.

The week has also been sprinkled with various challenges. Bryce’s brakes sort of went out as he was approaching home last Saturday, so he left his car and took one of our others while his was being fixed. Our dryer decided it was done blowing hot air, so that will need to be addressed once my spouse gets home. Thank God he is handy. Oh, and the internet decided to take a rest when we had a power surge the other day. It took me an hour to get it back on track and that happened while I was experiencing brain fog. Thanks Moderna!

Tonight, I am planning on dinner with some of my soul sisters which is an excellent way to end my week of solitude. This retreat of sorts might not have evolved the way that I had envisioned, but I suppose it evolved the way it was suppose to. The universe always provides an interesting twist so I won’t get bored.