Square Peg ● Round Hole







Today, I am getting the second dose of the vaccine. Normally, I wouldn’t be this giddy over an injection, but this is my ticket to freedom. There are a lot of individuals who believe that what is injected into your body is a chip so that the government can keep tabs on us. Okay, that is an interesting thought. How about you keep your crazy over there.

When my medical friends received their shot of freedom, I was emotional. These amazing women worked through this pandemic with such grace and fearlessness, I continue to be in awe of them. Oh, and I was a tad envious because I wanted to join the group of fully vaccinated humans.

Do you know what I am most excited to do when I get paroled? It’s the hugging. I want to hug my friends. It is going to be super awkward because I am going to linger a bit. Give an extra squeeze because I missed that connection so badly. Fortunately, my tribe accepts my brand of quirkiness and won’t be surprised by my long embrace. I will make an effort not to make it too weird

I feel like I did when I would complete a mini-marathon. By mile 7, I am thinking that I might not make it, but I persevere until I see the glow of the finish line. It’s euphoric. That is the feeling I have today. I realize that we are still in a crisis with this horrible virus, but the realization that we are closer to a conclusion makes me hopeful.