Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am sure that I am not alone. I am positive that when I share this tidbit of transparency, many of you will raise your hands as a form of unity. When my family members boarded their plan on Friday, I made a promise to myself. I pledged that I would get some shit done. Aside from revising my second book and working on my third one, I would rid myself of the unnecessary clutter that no longer serve a purpose. I started on that path a couple months ago. Good intentions of discarding some of my clothes was the starting point. The motivation pumped through my body as I stuffed pieces of clothing that I haven’t worn in eons. Many made me question my sanity because yikes, some were hideous. Anyway, I finished the task and placed the bags in a chair located in our bedroom. My intent was to take them immediately for donation. I’m adorable. You see, my superpower is to have bags of donations sit and stare at me for months until I am motivated to rid myself of them. Actually, that’s not accurate. Normally, they sit in the chair and then after a while, I move them into the trunk of my car. Out of sight, out of mind. Eventually they make it to the donation site, but the process is painfully slow.

It’s my fault. Simply put, I am incredibly lazy. I own it. Plus, I wonder if the items in our home are reproducing. I mean, I get that we have been married almost twenty-nine years, but seriously, where did all of this crap come from? I digress, as usual. Anyway, I put the bags in the trunk on Friday with the intention of taking them, but then the landscapers came and Luna was losing her mind. She thinks everyone is out to murder us. My motivation left by the time he was finished. I made a promise to myself that while I was out running errands yesterday, I would drop them off at the donation center.

I did it. I followed through with my promise. I was a little giddy and almost announced this amazing feat to the nice lady taking my bags. In fact, I had hoped they would give me some sort of sticker in celebration of this momentous occasion. I refrained. I didn’t want anyone in line to be jealous, as I am sure they have been driving around with all of their items for months.

Will I be able live up to the high standards I just set for myself? I guess we will see. I’m just basking in the afterglow of actually following through and completely the task. It’s enjoyable not to have donation bags giving me the evil eye while they wait for me to transport them to their destination. It’s the little things.