Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am becoming more aware that some of the words that flow out of my mouth should be kept in a vault. It is possible that I am going to be one of those old women who will say just about anything. Let me back up a bit. Yesterday, I dropped Luna off to “school”. One of the trainers came out to retrieve her and asked how she was this past weekend. My response was, “She did great. I particularly love her ability to stay in place. I can finally go to the bathroom by myself”. The young man stares blankly at me. Even the crickets were silent. The discomfort vibe in the space was high. I backed away from the situation with a lot of grace almost bumping into the door. “Have a great day!” I bellow as I make my way outside and practically sprint to my car.

No one needs to hear about a middle-age woman going to the restroom independently simply because her dog is following a command. No. One. My mouth is unpredictable. The little board of directors who inhabited my mouth in a effort to curb those bits of information left because they could no longer control the results. Even my guardian angels drink to excess because they too have quit trying to point out that some things are better left unsaid. Hey, but at least I have the awareness that I am unfiltered. That has to be considered a win.

When I went to pick Luna up yesterday, I had hoped that the same guy would not be greeting me, but the universe likes to flip me off and laugh at my expense. Of course, he was the person who came out with Luna. I gave myself an internal pep talk where I begged my filter to activate. Thank goodness there were other people there to pick up their dogs, so our conversation was limited to “how did she do” and “have a great rest of your day”. I made it out without giving him anymore unpleasant visuals of this middle-age woman.

Work in progress, friends. Hoping that this morning I don’t divulge how nice it was to shower without my shadow because she followed my command of “place” to a T.