Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think what is so amazing is that despite how challenging my current situation is, I can still laugh at the ridiculousness that I seem to attract. It is imperative that while I am living in the question, I can enjoy the moments.

This week has been pretty peaceful with pockets of humor. My mother got another UTI and was amusing in the assumption that it had been due to sex. She’s cute. Pretty sure we don’t have to worry about that. Then my spouse almost got caught in his underwear while in our garage. I know. You want to know but you don’t. I get it. I live with it. Since we have a privacy fence, Brian periodically jaunts to the garage to get things out of the refrigerator. It’s our Costco overload storage area. Anyway, he wasn’t aware the that the lady we hire to scoop Luna’s poop was in the backyard. He did see her before she saw him, so he patiently waited in the garage, like a thief in the night, for her to leave. Jesus.

Thank God I can laugh. I remember a time when if life were too heavy, I carried that everywhere. I couldn’t see the pockets of blessings because everything was so dark and serious. Today, I am very mindful on how I carry my load. Sure, if my spouse almost getting caught in his underwear makes me laugh I will take it. He has never really liked pants anyway.