Square Peg ● Round Hole







Do you know what is frustrating? It is the lack of listening and compassion from an individual who took an oath to help care for the sick. If you read my blog on Wednesday, I shared that my mother was in the hospital and we hoped that she would be sprung. She’s still in. My guess is that she will be released today but only if her doctor gets his shit together. Only if he starts listening to my sister and myself. As of right now, the medical care she has received has been subpar and his medical diagnosis is that she is “old”. Thanks Captain Obvious. Just because someone is close to 90 doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed. There is not enough hemorrhoid cream for this asshole.

My sister ended up speaking with the patient advocate to get Mr. Personality to be more proactive in our mother’s care. Can I just say how grateful I am my sister is in town? It feels nice to have someone else making decisions. I can’t wait to see what Dr. Quack has in store for us today. We just want to know what we are dealing with when getting her home. That’s it. We want her last days peaceful, comfortable and most of all, safe.

I have a consult with Palliative Care for the home on Thursday. She will get physical therapy and we are making changes in her living arrangements to make things more accessible and comfortable. End of life preparations are ongoing. This is a tough place to be, but as one of my friends told me, it is an honor to be able to provide a loving transition.