Square Peg ● Round Hole







What has been a two week journey feels like years, but Mom is settled. Hospice has been amazing. She is comfortable with her new setup and is even rallying to the point of asking for the vaccine. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. It is a constant up and down ride that demands that I take a timeout. It’s hard to keep up.

Friday the universe was screaming at me. First, our internet decided that going off the deep end would be helpful especially since I host a weekly Zoom meeting. Thirty minutes later and my nerves fried, the internet decided to not be an asshole. During my actual meeting which I was chairing, it decided to shake things up and toss me aside as if I were useless. Fortunately, it was a blip and I was able to resume as I flipped off the universal forces that were challenging me. I think I need a vacation and a really long nap.

We are in a holding pattern. While the last two weeks have made me pause and put my writing along with everything else on the backburner, I know that can’t be the case moving forward. I have no idea how long this process will be, but I know that I must continue to move forward. Living my life despite feeling like I am in a permanent waiting room.

Despite the circumstances, time doesn’t stand still. There is no pause as the minutes tick away, Life is flowing. Responsibilities are demanding my attention. God’s timing is always perfect, so me holding my breath waiting for the inevitable does nothing but make me insane. Well, crazier than usual would be more accurate.