Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am currently residing in a lovely place called limbo. The process of settling my mother’s estate would be so much quicker if we didn’t have to follow the letter of the law. Damn my parents for teaching us right from wrong. Anyway, our court date to get the ball rolling with probate isn’t until August 17, so here I am living the dream and sitting still.

Sure there are many things I could be doing. I just received my manuscript back from my editor, so I could be working on the suggested adjustments. I could be proceeding with my third book in an effort to get it somewhat finished before another deadline is looming. But, instead, I am perusing Pinterest and wondering how my home page got filled with suggestions that I don’t feel are pertinent for a 54-year-old woman.

For example, do you all think I need suggestions for pregnancy exercises? Me neither. How about pregnancy supplements or suggestions for baby rooms? Sure, I could have done more Kegel exercises, but hindsight is 20/20 and that ship has sailed, so I really don’t appreciate being reminded of how I failed at that one. There are also anxiety and stress suggestions. I wouldn’t be stressed if the estate were settled and I didn’t have to make anymore decisions involving it. In fact, the only decision I want to make is where I will go once this is all said and done.

Sure, I suppose that Pinterest just wants to amuse me while I am currently in a timeout until we get the green light to proceed. They just need to work on their level of humor. It doesn’t match mine, but I appreciate the lame effort and will hope they improve their material.