Square Peg ● Round Hole







I woke up yesterday optimistic. Why? Well, I finally felt motivated to resume work on my book and it was probate day. After waiting over two months since my mom died, we were finally getting close to being able to move forward. Limbo land is not my favorite place to reside.

The house was quiet as I went about my morning routine. After getting Luna settled, I took my piping hot cup of liquid gold to our sofa. I wasn’t prepared for a human lying there. Scared the shit out me. Apparently, my spouse lost the ability to stand up straight or move along with using words to prepare me for his corpse-like state. I had literally been active around the house for thirty minutes without any knowledge that he was not at work. Delightful. That should have been a red flag for how the day would progress. Do I sound heartless? Yes. In my defense, I have bigger fish on my plate. He’s fine. Pulled a back muscle. Currently on steroids. Going back to work tomorrow. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Probate was at 1 P.M. and neither my sister nor I needed to be present. It’s a slam dunk or so I thought until a very good friend, who happened to be in the courtroom, texted me that our attorney wasn’t present. WTAF? Fortunately, my friend asked the judge to move it to tomorrow and I quickly called my attorney’s office to find out what happened. I was trying to not lose my shit but I am not a good actress. I left him a message and waited for the return phone call.

When my phone rang, I gave myself a little pep talk. I reminded myself that I don’t have all the information and I don’t need to be disrespectful during this interaction. In my opinion, the best quality in an individual is humility. The ability to own one’s actions. Our attorney impressed me with his sincere and honest apology as he had the court date written down on the wrong day. He was embarrassed and ashamed. This is when I was able to embrace his humanness. We all are fallible. Honestly, it worked out great for us. He is not charging us for his court appearance and he is delivering the paperwork to my home. It saved us from waiting on the dependable delivery service of the USPS. (Please read the previous sentence with sarcasm.)

I love how serendipitous the whole scene was. You see, my friend is the son of my mom’s best friend. I can’t help but think that my mom is continuing her ability to control situations even from her current residence.

My day concluded by being held “hostage” at Bailey’s Special Olympics softball game. That’s another blog for yet another day.